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As Above So Below

As Above So Below is an ongoing project currently in development. Originally a Global Game Jam project, the team I collaborated with decided to expand upon the game beyond the event and hope to release it on Steam by the end of this year. I'm eager to show you more as production continues!

This is a puzzle-platformer game where you can shift between a "Light" and "Dark" world, where gravity and the environment shifts. You collect keys to open gates to progress. 

Concept Art

Doors and platform/wall blocks.

Concept Art

I created the environment art and assets for this game. It took some time but we grew attached to a "Grecian"-inspired location and aesthetic. 

I had to create concept art with the understanding that there would be doubles of everything. Using a monochrome color scheme helped me focus on the breakdown of light and shadows, and make that clear to the rest of my team. 

For the level, we wanted a very vertical layout, but knew that screens would only see one slice of it at a time. I had to design background art that could be "sliced", meaning each area needed some sort of visual landmark to help the player navigate. 

Pixel Art

Game Thumbnail

One of the game diversifiers (extra rules to promote creativity and diversity in game creation) for Global Game Jam 2022 was 20th Century Gaming. This meant that the game's look had to resemble a game that came out before 2000. We chose pixel art because it fit the diversifier requirement and spoke to our nostalgia for classic games.

I took a lot of reference from games like the Mario series, as well as Celeste, and the PS1 Disney's Hercules game when creating this pixel art. 

I also couldn't help but have some fun with this process, including a little funny reference to viral sensation Among Us in my environment art. 

Pixel Animation

Walk Cycle

Run Cycle

Because this game is all in 2D, it also has to be animated in 2D. Taking the pixel art from above, I animated pieces like the blocks breaking when punched, and the gates unlocking and displaying a portal for the player to progress through. 

We hope to add more elaborate animations as production continues.

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