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It Just Werks! LLC

It Just Werks! LLC is a Global Game Jam 2020 project created in 48 hours. In this workplace simulator, players must manage the eponymous company by receiving commission requests and sending their various employees to complete them, all while keeping the company ratings up by the end of the work week. 

I was the sole artist on this team and also contributed some writings for the fake reviews.

User Interface Design

Gameplay Screen

The player enters their name into the login and begins the game through there. They can see their directive at all times on the calendar where they can move to the next day in the week. 

Bottom: It Just Werks login.

Bottom-Right: Gameplay Screen without interactable objects.

This game was created as a workplace simulator, and the player is cast as the manager sitting at their desk calling the shots from there. 

The fake Productivity Software used for this company has an employee list, an inbox for requests, and an inbox for reviews. Meanwhile, the calendar on the desk shows how many days the player has left in the playthrough. 

The productivity software was inspired by messenger applications like Messenger, and review applications like Yelp. The open-floor office plan was painting based on a generic open office floor and is blurry so that the player's focus is more on the foreground. 

Character Design

Character Icons (Some Possible Combination Spawns)

One of the key elements within the game's programming was a heavy emphasis on Randomization. When the player enters their name into the profile, that is the seed from which the code generates the looks, names, and statistics of all the employees as well as what commissions are to be taken care of during the playthrough. 

There was debate over how the characters were to be colored, because we wanted every character portrait to be diverse no matter how the initial setup was randomized. In the end, the solution was that I create template pieces that could be mixed and matched, all grayscale, and insert color swatches that can be applied to them during the randomization process.

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