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Ethnicurial is a personal project where I combined several personal interests of mine and I turned it into a product line on Society6. I channeled my love of food, fashion, and learning about other cultures into creating cute, appealing character designs that were then applied to culinary products. 

If you are interested in purchasing some of these products, you can find them under my Shop or link to the shop from this page. 

Concept Art


I wanted the design of these characters to be simple and graphic, and also incorporate the ingredients of the dishes into the fashion of the characters. I wanted the overall shape and color of what the character wore to reflect a national costume that the dish they're based on is from. However, the details of the clothes would be inspired by ingredients of the dish.

One example of this is Sushi, who has a two-color kimono that suggests a rice layer and a fish layer, and the belt, or obi, of the kimono is a seaweed. The colorful hair decorations are furikake seasoning. Another example is Pancit, whose shawl is actually kalamansi, a lime that is used to garnish the dish. 

Graphic Character Design





I settled upon a template of the same face shape and body height, but with unique dresses, colors, and background elements. 

The colors of the clothes are all based on the natural colors of the dishes they're based on, so the blue background provides a contrast that lets those colors pop. For visual interest, a pattern of another ingredient of the dish represented is cast over the background. 



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