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Mock Assassin's Creed Concept Art

This project was one of my final school assignments, where we were tasked with creating character designs based on existing Intellectual Properties, but with our own unique spin on them. I chose to create character concepts for a theoretical Assassin's Creed game, because I have been a longtime fan of the series for its exploration of historical periods and their attention to detail for settings. I chose to set this concept during the Philippine-American War because I am Filipina and wanted the representation, and I also felt that this war could explore the themes of the greater conflict between the Assassins and Templars in the series.

I created 3 character turnarounds and the outline of a simple story pitch.


The protagonist of this game concept. She was raised as an Assassin in a small village in the Luzon province, but when she was young her village was destroyed. She holds the Templar Grandmaster responsible for this. To avenge her village, she goes to Manila to meet with a retired Assassin Mentor in order to train and be closer to her target. 

I based Amiah's costume on the traditional "Maria Clara" outfit, which would fit the fashion of the era. The hood and Assassin emblem was added to fit in with other Assassin's Creed protagonists, however instead of the usual white and black, I chose colors based on the Filipino flag. I also made the hood detachable so that she would have an option to disguise as just another high-class debutante. 

Apolinario Mabini

In this game concept, Apolinario Mabini is a retired Assassin Mentor. He participated in the revolution against Spain, but due to complications with polio he cannot operate as he once did to fight the Americans. Amiah reaches out to him for tutelage and connections in Manila. 

In real life, Aguinaldo was more a scholar and statesman than a warrior. He was first a lawyer, then a revolutionary, and then the first Prime Minister of the Philippines. He performed his governmental activities despite losing use of his legs due to polio. 

Pedro Paterno

In this game concept, Pedro Paterno is the Templar Grandmaster of the Philippine Islands, and the one Amiah holds responsible for the destruction of her village. However, there may be more to his involvement than meets the eye, as Amiah soon finds.  

In real life, Paterno has a contested legacy and is often vilified. He never, however, participated in clandestine crimes or destroyed villages like in this fictional portrayal. What he did do was mediate the surrender between the Philippine Revolution and the Spanish forces, and after a brief stint as Prime Minister of the Philippines after Mabini left office, he became an advocate for incorporating the Philippines into the United States as a full State and not just a territory.

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