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Bubble Bubble

Bubble Bubble is a multiplayer restaurant manager simulator themed with witches and magic. It was created for Firith Studio's Cozy Autumn Game Jam with a team of 5 including myself. 

In the game, the player operates a witch-themed boba cafe in the forest and serves a variety of customers. There is no win/lose state for the game because we wanted the player to have a relaxing time in a fantasy setting. 

Prop Art

Drinks - Boba Tea

I created and named all the fantasy ingredients and drinks for the game. We wanted a Day/Night cycle in the game, so I made a "day" menu of boba teas and a "night" menu of horchatas. 

I made fantasy ingredients inspired by real-life ingredients in order to fit the witch fantasy aesthetic. The cinnamon sticks are wands, the jelly is dew from a magic plant. 

I put these ingredients and drinks on menu cards for the player to reference in-game. The borders are inspired by Tarot card borders. I also named all ingredients and menu items. 

Environments & Main Menu

Day Mode Map

The Environment of the game was meant to be an outdoor cafe in the forest. Customers sit at the magic rugs, and the Players roam the map to assemble customer orders. 

There is a day mode and a night mode to the level so that there would be variety and an illusion of passing time. The night map would be shaded in-engine. Each station is interactable, including the phonograph, which can change the game soundtrack. 

All colors were from a limited palette because one of the Cozy Autumn Game Jam's additional challenges was to use the limited color palette they provide. 

The main menu was sketched by myself and animated by fellow collaborator, Anri French.

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